There is pain everywhere, we cultivate in our minds a shield to cast demons
away, but the inwards ones where shall they go?
I suggested your soul was corrupted long-before you knew,
I felt your scarce inebriation and realized it was time to go.

Though my heart and head clash, my feet say otherwise.

If love is one time, once in a lifetime… would you do the favor of letting me go?



Void of numb

Is your heart really that full anyways? Is it a facade? Do you wish you could just beam out and in just to observe if your thought-process is correct or made up.
Sometimes I tab out of everything and feel numb, like ‘life’ isn’t even there. Do you feel the same?
Maybe no-one can fill your void but at least you can talk.

The things you see, the way you see them, will never been seen again.

-Hanson lyrics (Dying To Be Alive)


A need to be the branches and share your extras with the world, I will bottle the oxygen of happy desires and build you a life.