There is pain everywhere, we cultivate in our minds a shield to cast demons
away, but the inwards ones where shall they go?
I suggested your soul was corrupted long-before you knew,
I felt your scarce inebriation and realized it was time to go.

Though my heart and head clash, my feet say otherwise.

If love is one time, once in a lifetime… would you do the favor of letting me go?



Void of numb

Is your heart really that full anyways? Is it a facade? Do you wish you could just beam out and in just to observe if your thought-process is correct or made up.
Sometimes I tab out of everything and feel numb, like ‘life’ isn’t even there. Do you feel the same?
Maybe no-one can fill your void but at least you can talk.

The things you see, the way you see them, will never been seen again.

-Hanson lyrics (Dying To Be Alive)


A need to be the branches and share your extras with the world, I will bottle the oxygen of happy desires and build you a life.


Fishing, hunting, searching… you catch a wave but aren’t aware of the downfall. If life was like a video game we could power-up with wings.


Life Talking

I’ve been working a lot, I’m sorry I haven’t posted
anything lately, anything at all.
On facebook or twitter I’ll rummage around but nothing
serious. Making the real pay-check is where the priority
is at. I’ve been accumulating more pony figures by
the way. My Little Pony shrines. Also owl art has been popular in my room though I have not posted all the success :/
Maybe this cocoon is still shaping for a reason?

I really have been wanting to cut my hair short just so you know, I don’t ever want to
touch my hair anymore cause I have to wear a hat at work and it never looks great.
Lol. My grumblings are here but nevermore.

I taped the season finale of Ink Master so maybe I’ll go watch that now. Also…men’s
deodorant is not stronger than women’s, it just depends on the person and occasion. This is a reminder for myself in the future…lol.

To Everyone

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 10.35.57 PM
[I found this online, everyone be good to themselves. ~ HD]