Around these woods

Ha so I was going to show a couple photos of what it looks like around here[where I live].
Earlier before work they were going to be uploaded but I ran out of precious time!

So here now at 2:58AM I’m typing this and for some odd reason I also remembered this old song that I wrote back in the day…
The song is called, “Innocent Boyfriend.”

It goes…

♪My name is not easy
My name is not yes
Though I’d like you boy… if you’d bring me some chocolate

There’s nothing better than an innocent boyfriend
Trying to make up for all of our lost time
That we spent on the other crazy relationships
Trying to make up what should’ve been us♪

It has at least one more verse, and a bridge.
But this is a song that didn’t completely get finished.
I love how I have memories that go with my lyrics.
Have a good night!


About Hannah's Defense

I'm a graphic arts musician with love always on the brain. I yield to art and randomly sing songs.

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