Empath in April

“If you could see yourself with the eyes of God, what would you see? Besides the beautiful, amazing child of the Divine that you are, you would also see that you are not necessarily an ‘individual’ in the way some of us have been taught. Instead of seeing a discrete personality, you would likely notice that you ARE all of the people to whom you are connected: your loved ones, partner, siblings, parents, neighbors, friends, and co-workers. We really are all One, and we are all moving together. In scientific terms, this is called ‘entrainment,’ and it happens to you every day of your life. There is no avoiding it. When you can accept and surrender to the fact that you ARE your neighbors, co-workers, and loved ones, your life as an empath becomes more easily filled with grace. You can also entrain your nervous system to allow your energy to flow harmoniously.”

source: empath connection



About Hannah's Defense

I'm a graphic arts musician with love always on the brain. I yield to art and randomly sing songs. http://www.facebook.com/hannahsdefense

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