Because my mom said so

I don’t think anybody could have erased my troubles faster than fire, or cigarettes or the way champagne tastes when it’s stolen.
My only regret was when I forgot to notice the crack in the ground as my foot caught hold and I tumbled down the stairs.
The split in my lip was noticeable but more-so my ego was traumatized. I have a thundering headache. For the life of me my phone never keeps a charge. I always seem to purchase the crappy used ones with low battery life. Like the seller wasn’t guilty induced when his price stayed high for a profit instead of being honest that it wasn’t Like New. I wanted to text my friends to let them know I wouldn’t show up for our outings. I can only slip out of the house when I’ve studied my guardian’s habitual cycle. You take a shower, you eat, you brush your teeth, a cup of decaf coffee and then slowly drift in and out of sleep while watching reruns of old shows on your Netflix. Before you know it I’m a beer deep into an intellectual conversation of the similarities between Captain Picard and Professor Xavier from the X-Men force.

My heart is sinking as the car pulls up. I’m supposed to act like they’re doing me a favor but the favor would be holding me hostage at a bank, where I noticed an escape route and by the time the crooks noticed my disappearance, I was already hitchhiking to a new world. As judges sentence penalties, mine is to endure yet another welcoming stage into uncharted house quarters. The foster care smell of approval. I’m totally ready for reincarnation.


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About Hannah's Defense

I'm a graphic arts musician with love always on the brain. I yield to art and randomly sing songs.

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