Your Vitamin Water


Your vitamin water, “I was drinking that.”

By the pond there are nazis that saber your soul as the ground rises forward and out.
“I told you there is nothing less to say,” no you told me to look beyond, farther through the mist, amongst that which does not technically belong, but it does.
In your own way it does.
Like virgin climbing dust?
“Yes like those heart palpitations and waning heroes you forgot to mention.”

Sassy saddles the rock and pretends to trot the shadowed line…  I thought ages were more spirited than this.

They are, you are only looking at the first dimension. “Oh like the plane?”
Here… Eygla steadies her horse and hops off with careful feet one by the other to the soil, walking to the surface.
You’re only banging at the glass here… see?  She makes a square shape in the air.
Now look what happens when you penetrate the other dimension.  She puts her hand through where she drew her imaginary

Immediately an alias effect beams a light of green and her outline is waved in glow.

“Come Sassy.”


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About Hannah's Defense

I'm a graphic arts musician with love always on the brain. I yield to art and randomly sing songs.

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