Vent open

Everyone’s idea of establishment is in accordance to their own soul. Everyone doesn’t have to have a 2-story house, Bachelor’s degree, kitchen full of food…etc. to exist, but in cases where you’ve grown up brainwashed that that is ‘security,’ then it’s difficult to wrap your brain around the alternative you’ve already given yourself.

Looking for More when it isn’t even necessary to.

I’m talking the bare minimum offers what you Need, gives you a balance between survival and indulgence.
I’m grateful for having a roof over my head before I became an adult, but parents have to realize as a little one you are starting from scratch and you don’t know all the tidbits on how it all works. When your kids grow you need to keep feeding them information that is relative to their age.

I guess we’ve all been blindsided in one way or another, some more extreme, some not. It’s all relative though in their own personal situation. I’m needing to vent is all.



About Hannah's Defense

I'm a graphic arts musician with love always on the brain. I yield to art and randomly sing songs.

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