About me


Hi I’m Hannah!
A bit of information to keep you informed… I’m an artist, a musician. A free-thinker, a spiritual.


I post about peace, photography, love, entanglements, freedom.
Or at least I try to convey that :)
Your take on life has it’s own special meaning. May I show you mine:

I love poetry, comics, super hero powers, spirituality, good energy, cute things, music and art!
I like dabbling at my own screen-play writing. Skits. I live in the clouds of my imaginative mind while working with music[keyboard, guitar, voice] and I adore watercolors, both the paint and pencils.
You can find all my music collectively on either youtube or reverbnation under the same name “hannahsdefense,” as well as my art postings on my deviantart.

May music heal you, and light guide the way.
be free

Other social media links:

Music on Reverbnation:




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