Fishing, hunting, searching… you catch a wave but aren’t aware of the downfall. If life was like a video game we could power-up with wings.



Life Talking

I’ve been working a lot, I’m sorry I haven’t posted
anything lately, anything at all.
On facebook or twitter I’ll rummage around but nothing
serious. Making the real pay-check is where the priority
is at. I’ve been accumulating more pony figures by
the way. My Little Pony shrines. Also owl art has been popular in my room though I have not posted all the success :/
Maybe this cocoon is still shaping for a reason?

I really have been wanting to cut my hair short just so you know, I don’t ever want to
touch my hair anymore cause I have to wear a hat at work and it never looks great.
Lol. My grumblings are here but nevermore.

I taped the season finale of Ink Master so maybe I’ll go watch that now. Also…men’s
deodorant is not stronger than women’s, it just depends on the person and occasion. This is a reminder for myself in the future…lol.

To Everyone

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 10.35.57 PM
[I found this online, everyone be good to themselves. ~ HD]

Death of Furby

I’m dropping a few quotes and photos and things on my facebook, come see what artsy jabber I have posted next. Lol. By the way my Furby has died.

Get plugged in – “Listen To Your Heart.”
~Hannah’s Defense

Empath Tonight


Sitting back and recharging with music is essential to the empath…ones that embrace another’s emotions, fears and…

Posted by Hannah’s Defense on Saturday, January 16, 2016


I was waiting for life to catch up to me.